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Flower Names of Heirloom Garden Plants was created with you in mind as a resource to help find many old gardening favorites that your grandparents probably grew.

gladiolus flowers

I love gardening and flowers don’t you?,,,,Everything from the old colorful English garden flowers such as the Giant Spencer Sweet Peas in a range of beautiful colors to the many heirloom Red Carnations, plus old world roses and a few tropical plants like, Arums, Lilies and the Begonia’s including the fancy colored Rex leaf hybrid Begonias with all their pretty speckled, bordered leaves with veining and fancy metallic shades.

I am a keen gardener and have a great interest in gardening and flowers and do a lot of research into some early Victorian plants that were grown from the mid 1800s through to about the mid 1950s.

Along the way I naturally found that many of these plants are no longer available, some could be lost forever while others I know are still being grown in my garden and worldwide, which is great.

 Heirloom Chrysanthemum Flowers

My finds on old flower names will be updated and listed here regularly, plant and flowers will have their correct name and year of introduction where possibly and will include a range of all heirloom tropical’s and exotics flowers, plus a wide range of summer bulbs, the beautiful brugmansia, a collection of heirloom Aster varieties, calla lillies, alstromeria, pink hydrangea plants and the still ever popular Double Geranium Flower and the outstanding old birds egg geraniums which now days are often called the spotted growing geraniums and how to apply the best care for your geraniums.

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