Heirloom Names of Hydrangeas

Showy Hydrangeas are hardy easily cultivated garden plants with large flowers in a great diversity of colors.

They are valuable acquisition when grown amongst other garden flowers as they produce a great show of color on huge flowering heads.

Their flowers have clusters of many smaller flowers called florets.

In early Victorian days the big blue types were used widely as blue wedding flowers for their size and blue color tones.

Flower names of these heirloom plants were colored in shades of blue and cream to white, there was a wide range of pinks and a few were classes as true reds.

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Assorted Hydrangeas Colors and Heights

Picture of Hydrangea Avalanche a large white

Ajisai a large flowers of rosy blue to light blue with a double row of petals forming a miniature crest.

Amaranthe with deep blue flowers when treated.

America a deep reddish rose.

Avalanche a large white.

Etincelanti a vigorous garden plant with clear carmine flowers.

Hills of Snow grows 3-4 foot, a best shrub for shade -thrives anywhere. Massas of large round white bloom in early summer, 1936.

Jeanne d'Arc with large heads of flowers of pure white and with red stems, a very valuable new variety for pots and tubs as well as for the garden, 1904.

Loreley a dwarf plant of fine clear red.

Picture of an old garden Heirloom Hydrangea plant

Marechal Foch with deep bright carmine flowers on well shaped plants.

Mariesii grandiflora with white and violet flowers in large trusses.

Matador a good red color with large trusses.

Madame Mouilliere with enormous heads of large pure white flowers with pink centers.

Mdlle. Renee G. Aillard with large heads of large milk white flowers.

Mme. E. Mouillere with good size, the favorite purest white variety.

Mousseline a famous blue with plumbago blue flowers, widely chosen by brides as blue wedding flowers.

Ornament with rosy purple flowers on large trusses.

Otaksa is similar in color of flower to the common "H. Hortensis" but much larger- beside having the quality of flowering when the plants are quite small -plants of only six inches in height, being surmounted with a immense panicle of its rosy carmine flowers. Price, 50 cents each. $4.50 per dozen, as sold by Peter Henderson in 1875.

Pictured above Hydrangea Paniculata Grandiflora as published by Peter Henderson in 1875.

Paniculata Grandiflora, a large flowered hydrangea and a large shrub growing from eight to ten feet high, flowers white and are in great pyramidal panicles a foot long, flowers are produced in August and September when few other shrubs are in flower, one of the finest flowering shrubs for 1887.

Paris a deep blue, early 1930s.

Pee Gee grows 4-6 foot with magnificent large conical shaped white blooms in summer with a pinkish cast in the fall, thrives anywhere -very popular, 1936.

Splendens a early and free flowering garden plants with a glossy red color.

Thomas Hogg a pure white and very large Hydrangea with trusses measuring fifteen inches in diameter, the plants when fully grown attain a height and width of six feet, perfectly hardy and is one of the finest plants for cemeteries, 1904.

Vulcan a rich bright red.

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New Giant Flowered Perfection Geraniums

John Lewis Childs New Giant Flowered Perfection Geraniums this image has been restored back to its former beauty by me.

picture of John Lewis Childs Rare Geranium Flowers

Childs Geraniums from my 1908 John Lewis Childs Rare Flowers seed and flower catalog featuring Childs New Giant Flowered Perfection Geraniums.

pictures of geranium flowers and Three Variegated Geraniums

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New Single and Double Old Geraniums from 1880.

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